2 Chiefs Transforming Culture!

16 05 2009


Recently I had two pretty cool opportunities to meet two leaders serving our armed forces and serving God by overseeing chaplains in the US Military.

At a conference in Texas I had a chance to chat with Admiral Alan ‘Blues’ Baker, the Chief Chaplain of the Marine Corps and the Deputy Chief Chaplain of the Navy.

Chaplain Baker articulated the chief chaplains office’s three-fold mission to care for the sailor/marine [Marine Corps falls under the care of the Navy Chaplaincy], care for the family, and care for the care-giver.  We spoke of the importance of being keepers of the ‘sacred story’ and how we can help active duty service personnel communicate their stories and thus be dispensers of hope. He talked about the importance of holding each other accountable and the importance of ‘peer interaction in community.’  In the near future I will be traveling to DC to meet Chaplain Baker to discuss next steps to help him fulfill his mission. You can learn more about Admiral Baker at the Re-Ignition Website. on the News Page [Heroes & Slides].


I have had two occasions the chat with Major General Douglas Carver the Chief Chaplain of the Army, most recently at the Pentagon.  Prior to this meeting I met Chaplain Carver at the Army Chaplains Senior Leaders Development Training at Hilton Head, SC.  At this conference the Chief  introduced the new Army Chaplaincy Strategic Plan (ACSP) for 2009-2014.  The ACSP is a five year planning document that is updated each year to reflect new issues or program initiatives.  The updated ACSP is a significant revision over the previous edition.  Besides several new objectives, it contains some important changes designed to better align the plan with the strategic campaign objectives of the Army Campaign Plan and the four Army Imperatives:

Sustain the Army’s Soldiers, Families and Civilians;

Prepare Forces for Victory in the Current Conflict;

Reset Forces to Rebuild Readiness and for Future Deployments and Contingencies

Transform to Meet the Demands of Persistent Conflict in the 21st Century.

In his office at the Pentagon, Chaplain Carver affirmed that his mission included providing care for the warrior soldier, their families, and care-givers.  Acting as a trusted adviser to both Gallup Faith Practice and Armed Services Ministry, I communicate our commitment to helping him fulfill his mission. We are currently in the process of completing the ‘due diligence’ steps necessary for rolling out best practice resources and programs that help the mission to be realized. You can learn more about General Carver at the Re-Ignition Website. on the News Page [Heroes & Slides].




One response

18 05 2009
William Beatty


Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you. God is faithful and you are following his lead with this critical and important work.



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